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Cookbook Four

Apple-Cinnamon Fruit Topping

By May 6, 2020May 26th, 2020No Comments

Apple-Cinnamon Fruit Topping

( Makes 1 cup = 2 servings)
2 golden delicious apples
1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon
3 tablespoons brown sugar
1/2 cup water

1. Peel and chop the apples.
2. In a medium size saucepan combine the water, brown sugar, apples, and cinnamon.
3. Cook on medium high heat, stirring frequently, until apples are tender!

1. Make the Berry Fruit Topping (from Series #3 Cookbook)
2. Make the homemade granola.
3. Layer the fresh yogurt, berry fruit topping, and granola.

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