Hey Kids, Let’s Cook! is an innovative cooking show, based on nutrition, created just for kids and teens. The hour series debuted in November of 2006, and helps children and teens develop cooking skills, while demonstrating how to make easy, irresistible, delicious recipes. Kids love the entertaining format including field trips, and meeting fun new characters: Yolkel, PyRamid, Farrah on Manners, and Emma. Parents and educators love the nutrition education, living skills, and core-curriculum integrated into each episode. Hey Kids, Let’s Cook was created just for “chewers just like you!”


I think it’s really, really, really, good.
What is your favorite episode?
I would have to say all of them.

Kaitlyn StahlAge 10

It was like a great show for kids to watch and learn to cook.

Luiz LopezAge 11

I think the show is good to teach kids how to cook, then kids do it by themselves.

Vincent GonzalezAge 10

I think the show is great, and then we can cook.

Rosie LucysipAge 6

I love it!
I like the whole show, and I really like the part that speeds up!

Kim Morgan, D.T.R.Adult

Quote from her mother: “She loves the show, and is inspired to cook.” “She cooks with her grandma.”

Marcia HannahAdult

I love it too, and I hope it stays on forever.

Pamela TateFaculty at Fresno State – Adult